Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pepsi Cup 2007! India vs WI, 3rd ODI!

What a pathetic score! 268 all down!! Thought India would get a minimumof 340 odd, the way Dravid and Tendulkar were milking the West Indian bowling half way through Indian innings…And ppl who saw what Robin Uthappa did to the West Indian bowlers in the first 15 overs would have thought India was aiming for 400!

Paul Allot’s comment --“After Robin Uthappa’s brutal innings, comes cultured brilliance from Dravid and Tendulkar” sums up the diversity of Indian batting line up….

Powerful as the lineup maybe, it was a sloppy effort from the middle order not to capitalize on the fantastic foundation that the top order had laid out for them.

Anyways one thing worth realizing from today’s game is that,
no matter how badly you mess up at the start, if you keep fighting with the right attitude, Lady Luck will surely smile on you (case in point Dwayne Bravo’s first over costing him 19 runs, courtesy Robin Uthappa 0,4,6,4,4,1…and Dwayne Bravo finishing on 39 runs and 4 wickets in the end!!)…. The corollary is true too….Good luck and Good starts can be easily squandered away if complacency and laziness creep in ….(Classic example- India’s collapse today after a blistering start)