Monday, December 2, 2013

Amazon Prime Air - A radical new way of shipping orders. Mind. Blown.

Amazon revolutionized the book industry with its business model forcing other publishers to reduce book prices and change the way books are delivered to the customers .Then it came up with an awesome eBook reader, Kindle and with it, the amazing wireless delivery system called Whispernet (free in 100 countries!).... Many ebook readers followed but they still could not compete with Amazon Kindle. Then came Kindle Fire HD with its own version of Android OS ( a clever move to distance itself from other tablets).

And now Amazon is experimenting with a radical new delivery system - 'Amazon Prime Air'. With Prime Air, Amazon will deliver orders in 30 mins using Autonomous drones! Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon calls these electric drones, 'octocopters'. These octocopters will be able to carry items (weighing up to 5 pounds/2.3 kgs) and deliver them in 30 mins.Now that is out of the world!

Imagine you are home one evening and decide to order a Dominos pizza and just as you are surfing, you come across an interesting book (or a gadget or some other paraphernalia) on You buy it and select the Amazon Prime delivery option and 30 mins later the doorbell rings and just as the Dominos guy delivers pizza a mysterious looking unmanned flying object (the octocopter) drops your package on your patio and flies away. The Dominos guy is puzzled... Anyways, you happily collect the pizza and the package dropped by Amazon and think about why people go out shopping in brick and mortar stores!....Well this seems sci-fi and futuristic right? No it's not, Amazon is testing this incredible delivery system using drones, now.....And if I wanted to wager who would pull this off, I would bet on Jeff Bezos',
Amazon is a game changer. Period.

Amazon Prime in action