Saturday, March 24, 2007

India’s ‘hyped’ World Cup 2007 dreams….Where’s your crown,King Nothing?!

Two words summarize what I am feeling right now (after India’s pathetic pathetic performance against SL)--- livid and disappointed

Talking with me mate, Amit, yesterday after SL’s innings, I told him that I was getting this gut feeling, that something’s just not right for India. But, I somehow thought, it would be wrong, considering India performs well in such situations (backdoor entry).

Indian innings started, Robin played a couple of brilliant shots and then it all began, Robin c&b by Vaas, Saurav followed and then Sachin, the maestro strode on to the center. Only to last for 3 deliveries. It was real pain watching him ‘Clean’ bowled for nought! Couldn’t believe what was happening. The hero, The God of Cricket in India was walking back without scoring. India 44/3. That moment, I thought of switching the TV off. But being an ‘eternal optimist’, I thought, I would watch more….After Yuvi’s wicket fell, I decided-enough is enough. Switched off the TV. Put an alarm in me mobile for 2:30 am and soon was in a deep slumber. At 2:30, I saw that my dream, (should say a billion dreams) was shattered. SL had won by 69 runs.

Is there something about 23rd March and Team India? I am not superstitious but this very day, four years back i.e. 23rd March 2003, we had lost the World Cup finals to Australia. That was a different story. It was the finals then. Now we aren’t even in Super 8s! And we are virtually out of the cup! (again eternal optimist that I am, I hope, Bermuda wins by a big margin, but I dismiss that thought for now)

Many questions have to be answered; Should Indian team bank on the old players? Do we need to jettison some of them? What’s the use of experience if we lose critical matches? Do we need new young blood? Bloody Oath we do!…Well, whatever the answers are…One thing is quite clear-As much as it was hyped, it was a pipedream for India to win the cup. Coz it was all Hyped up…nothing else….There are better teams to win the cup. OZ still rules and NZ is looking very ominous and so does South Africa. I guess the WC will go to Southern Hemisphere this time too.

This song by Metallica - King Nothing comes to mind. The lyrics are very apt for Indian Cricket team…..

Then it all crashes down
And you break your crown
And you point your finger, but theres no one around
Just want one thing
Just to play the king
But the castles crumbled and youre left with just a name
Wheres your crown, king nothing?
Wheres your crown?

Oh, youre just nothing
Wheres your crown king nothing?
Oh, youre just nothing
Absolutely nothing
Off to never, never land