Saturday, September 12, 2009

Arrogant Pune Real Estate agents - Bhansali Mutha Associates

This is just a simple example of how arrogant the Pune Real Estate Customer Service/Sales Agents can be.A short account of what happened -

Saturday Morning - Ajay, Hemant and I drive to a place behind Katraj Kondhwa Road to check a few Projects/sites. We start with this one -

Project - Sri Shannti Nagar (
Location - Behind Katraj - Kondhwa Road
Builder - Bhansali Mutha Associates

The project was nearing completion as we could see and so we decide to enquire a few things about it. We walk into the Sales office. Outside, there is this tall guy talking on phone. We stand there waiting - What does he do? Continue talking on phone! Well we decide to step into the office and wait for him.
When he finally finishes talking on the phone, he walks in and asks our names and what we were looking for.
We tell him our names and ask about 1 and 2 BHK flats...Then, as if, he didn't want any 1BHK buyers in his office, he says arrogantly that this project does not have 1BHK flats.The tone of his voice is enough to convey the arrogant bastard that he is. He does not even care to show us any layout plans.

We ask him if we could look at a sample flat and the idiot says that there is no sample flat!....Are you freaking kidding me?! The whole project is nearly ready and there's not even a single sample flat! All of us are furious at this point. Hemant questions how come there is not even a single sample flat? The agent goes - Yeah there is one on the 10th floor but there is no elevator now!! We have had it - Hemant blasts him directly in his typical style by asking- So do you freaking expect people to climb 10 floors themselves when they come looking for flats??! I couldn't control laughing.The agent is speechless...then he mumbles something stupid like that the elevators will be ready in a few days. We storm out of the office.

Chapter closed. Lesson Learnt - Don't buy a flat in 'Sri Shannti Nagar', Pune.