Monday, April 30, 2007

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! OI! OI! OI!

Australia! You bloody Bewdy! You did it again!

Winning the World Cup is THE ultimate dream for any team. Winning three times in a row, is just unbelievable. But when the team is Australia, everything becomes believable.

Gilly’s batting yesterday was nothing short of a demolition. Nah, It was demolition for sure. What else would you call that innings!! 13 fours, 8 sixes in 104 ball, 149!… For me, SL had lost the cup even before they came in to bat…Throughout the world cup, Aussies have been doing what they do best…i.e. being aggressive from the word go. Most opposition teams lose the game even before it starts. Case in point: Semi Final 2 Australia vs South Africa….SA tried to be aggressive...foolishly aggressive, from the start but failed miserably. They should have realized that when Plan A doesn’t work out, it’s time to throw Plan A outside the window. Instead they continued on their ‘being aggressive’ plan and were soon 27/5. Rest is history. I thought at least SA would give a tough fight to the Ozzies, but thanks to a dull, boring display from SA, it means that SA isn’t any better than other teams when it comes to facing Australia.

The way the Australians played their games in World Cup shows what exactly why they are a great team. Their powerful batting lineup, which is powerful not only on paper but powerful on grass too, annihilates any bowling attack in any bowling conditions around the world. Such is the depth of the batting, that even when the top order fails, the tail enders bat like batsmen, unlike some subcontinent teams, where tail enders do justice to their title very beautifully. Let’s put it this way, there are no tail enders in Australian team. Everyone bats!!

In the bowling category, names like Glen McGrath ( Ho Ha Glen McGrath ..say Ho Ha Glen Mcgrath) are enough. His immaculate line and length needs no description. Add to that, the superb swing from one Mr.Blond Bracken and the sheer pace of Shaun Tait and it makes a very good bowling attack. Hogg continues to impress and Symmonds and Clarke bowl some perfectly decent overs. Sad to see Pigeon retire from International Cricket but having said that Shaun Tait has been a revelation. Though this bowling attack is not as great as the batting, they are supported by some very brilliant fielding from…err… almost everyone in the team!! McGrath at the age of 37 still dives to stop the ball - Compare that with 23-year-old Munaf Patel who runs…Sorry, jogs across the ball lazily and throws underhand!! That’s not shameful…that’s embarrassing! …Oops, I get carried away in comparisons…Sorry to say , but Australia can’t be compared to any other team. Theirs is just a class of their own...where players play for their team….They are proud to represent their country not their endorsements. ( There I go…I can’t stop comparing…This is just out of frustration).

Many of my mates, were barracking for all other teams, but Australia They said it had become boring to watch Australia win all the time. But was there or is there a team who could beat the mighty Aussies?!!…Nope, I think, after all the one sided affairs. Not even a single match was interesting.

Luv them or hate them, Aussies deserved to win the Cup and they did!!…and I am not surprised, if they do that again in 2011.


Amit said...

Here's a pattern - Gilly scoring atleast a half century in each world cup final and Aussies winning 3 world cups beating a different south asian nation each time. Bangladesh must be gung-ho abt their possible appearance in the next final LOL

Rohan S said...

That's an interesting observation! Bangladesh sure must be excited if they know about this!!

SurAj said...

Australia are in a totally different league dude !

Have you noticed how the game is changing to a power game ?

The same thing had happened to hockey years back - when they changed from grass to synthetic surfaces. India then dropped from being a great team to a ordinary one, as the players were not suited for the 'power/speed' game.

Hope that does not happen in cricket ! :P

Amit said...

Just getting a bit offtrack, but dunno if you've noticed, Aussies, in any sport, play for their country and that spirit's always there with him. Haydos' wife was expecting and she'll be giving birth soon. Haydos still played the whole cup, won the bloody cup (for Australia) and now heads back to his gestating wife! I'm sure, if that was an Indian player, he'd have just cancelled his WC tour. Cos, he's making tons of cash, posing for a motorbike or a drink or a pack of chips or a car maybe, or just anything else!
My point, you ask? Aussies deserve to win. They dint lose a single match!!! what a record.. bloody whitewash and a half!!!

Amit said...

Aha! New look .. I like :) This one is much easier on the eyes and a lot better to read through.

Rohan S said...

I can't agree more with you mate...It 's really becoming a power game...Australians have a big hand in this one the way they are scoring...
About Indian cricket going the hockey way- It will surely go that way if Bureaucratic BCCI doesn't change its current policies.

@ Amit
Yes, mate, Like you, I too had me template woes....I finally decided to change it today....found the current one on the net...Not the best..but still better than the ones available on blogspot.

Rohan S said...

Amit! I didnt know of Haydos's thingo that you mentioned!! Well, what that speaks of is pure commitment...They are a professional unit and with commitment like this, its no wonder they are winning world cups!...